Black Pound

One amazing thing to come out of this tragedy of a year, is Black Pound Day. I will openly say that although I’ve always made a conscious effort to shop with my black friends who are in business, I never made the effort to actively look for black businesses to shop with. The horrific murder of George Floyd by police officers in the US brought protest and change. It’s encouraging to see how many people, black and non-black, are making an active effort to support systematic change.

Black Pound Day was launched by So Solid Crew’s Swiss on 27th of June to coincide with 72 years of the Windrush Generation and is now on the first Saturday of each month. It has already made an impact, with may black business having reported an increase in sales and new customers steaming from Black Pound day.

So far Black Pound day has led me to purchase great products from amazing art pieces to skincare, I even took myself out of my local area to shop in Ades Cash and Carry in Woolwich. This month, in an attempt to update my fall fashion accessories, I made a purchase from Gods Gift London who aim to deliver ‘stylish, affordable and unforgettable accessories’

My overall experience with the company was good, but make sure you check out their returns policy carefully as there are a few conditions that you should be aware of.

Unfortunately the top I brought, though it looks great on and the colour and quality are fabulous, is too small and there are some serious boob slippage issues so this needs to be returned.

The handbag is absolutely lush, the only downside I would say is that the straps are not made to be removed, although the links can be opened, that is a pretty tedious activity and it would have been better if the straps were made with a removeable attachment so you could use the bag to it’s full capacity when wanting to use just the smaller handle rather than having to place the handleinside the bag.

I would still recommend the items because of their overall quality and will pop back to the website to see what other treasures I can find.

What have you found because of Black Pound Day?

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