What The F*&! Is Me Time?

Warning – I allowed my friend to read this blog post before posting and her comment after reading was, “You’re like a children’s Christmas movie with innuendos for adults.” In other words, unless you’re over the age of 18 or young enough to still have an innocent mind, switch blogs now!

So here we go!

What the expletive is me-time? I always promise it to myself and sometimes even get out of the house on my own, under the pretence that being by myself is the meaning of me time, whilst in reality I’m either sat completing planning for my day job or running errands related to my side hustle. What I’m here to tell you ladies (and the handful of gents that engage with my content) is that being by yourself does not – in my humble opinion – constitute me-time. In fact, me-time doesn’t even have to be time spent alone. Yes giving yourself time for growth, self-reflection, meditation etc. are important and valid ways to spend your time but are they things you enjoy? For some, myself included, the answer would be yes so they do take up space in my limited free-time however, for me at least, it is time spent doing things I love and sometimes that includes the people I love.

For instance, when was the last time you sat down and played a game with your friends or family? No time restrictions, no rush to get the dinner on or do homework before bed and no nagging feeling that you should be doing something ‘more productive’. Well I can tell you, for me it has been ages. I vaguely remember being very intoxicated playing a random game of ‘Words Against Humanity’ for a friends birthday and do you know what? I was bloody happy.

PR gifted games I’m looking forward to playing

Another form of me time I enjoy is writing, you would never have guessed that would you? Writing is most definitely one of my favourite things to do, not for the children in my class on a white board to elicit understanding of our supreme English language nor to document the amount of great reviews we’ve had for burgers in the last week but I love writing when it has anything to do with letting my creativity flow. Writing a blog post, a poem, a short story or simply just mini musings in a note book; of which I have many.

One pleasurable (though controversial) form of me-time is of course self-pleasure. It’s one of those topics that’s wildly debated amongst my church brethren but I’ve always been very open about a man or a woman’s liberty to engage with their own bodies in whichever way they like, as long as they aren’t harming anyone. I recently received some natural lubricants from a company called Roam, if you’ve ever used a lubricant before you’ll know that certain brands can be irritating so the fact they were 100% natural appealed to me.

Pr gifted product

So, how do you plan in a good masturbation session? A hotel room, all your toys and your favourite sex-me music playing in the background (not that I’ve ever done anything like that of course). My choice of music would likely be in the genre of R&B with a little grime just to mix it up, my friend on the other hand prefers Puddle of Mudd. (If you don’t know who they are look up their song ‘She Hates Me’ and you’ll begin to question why the two of us are even friends at all).

Last but not least, reading on a beach combines another two of my most loved avenues of me-time – travel and books. What better thing is there to do than be engrossed in the escapades of someone else whilst being on your own?

I feel a journey brewing…

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