If you’ve never been here before, this is me.

Welcome to the new look MummaG, the blog of a mumma who is done with blogging about the ups and downs of her single motherhood. My name is Gailann and this is my little ‘place of me time’ on the inter-web. Of course my two bubbas (who are now pretty much adults aged 20+ and 9), may still get a look in here and there, but the majority of this blog will feature ME, ME, ME and a little more of ME.

You’ll get to see my fashion successes (probably a lot of my fashion faux pas) and join me as I navigate London life. I may even throw in some of my poetry and the arts for good measure because that’s how I roll.

I’ve been blogging for a number of years now, 8 to be precise and it has been one of those journeys that has provided my me and my children with great experiences. I love working with brands that are suited to my readership and content but please, in the name of the universe, don’t contact me about random things like gambling posts, I’m sorry but I gave that up for my birthday on the day I was born and haven’t looked back since.

If you are serious about working with me, I’ll be serious about working with you. Unfortunately my finances won’t allow me to take smiles in exchanged for sponsored content but I’m flexible 😉

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London, Croydon