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What The F*&! Is Me Time?

Warning – I allowed my friend to read this blog post before posting and her comment after reading was, “You’re like a children’s Christmas movie with innuendos for adults.” In other words, unless you’re over the age of 18 or young enough to still have an innocent mind, switch blogs now! So here we go! […]

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Through the Mask

Trigger warning – I’m about to go a little deep. If you are a victim of abuse or have experienced domestic abuse you can choose to stop reading now and seek help. Someone asked me for my memories and it struck me that as much as I could infer what was going on behind the […]

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A Hug and a Hot Chocolate Fixes Everything

Forget everything I said about being flirty and fabulous, the forties so far has given me athletes foot, a urine infection and eczema on my hands so between frequent toilet visits and itchy palms (not the money kind) I’m also banned from playing footsie. There go my plans for Saturday night. Not only does my […]

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