100 Squats a Day in May

Someone made a really interesting remark to me the other day about the fact that young girls were embarrassed about growing up and becoming women. Well it’s no wonder that this is the case when we make such a massive deal when a woman decides to show any skin whatsoever. We are taught to cover up and to some extent, feel ashamed when we show our bodies. It’s ok for men to walk around shirtless and show their nipples on Instagram, but a female nipple is somehow too sexual to be seen but that’s a topic for another day.

Today I’m choosing to write a quick post about my 100 squats a day in May for Shelter, not only are squats a great way to build your legs, core strength and booty but this May, you can sponsor someone to do 100 a day and raise money for Shelter, even better you can join in yourself and reap the benefits. There are a lot of charities that I choose to support throughout the year but I’ve drawn attention to this one this month because I understand how important it is to have a home, a good home where you feel safe and Shelter fights to make sure people’s rights to a safe home are protected.

I’m two days into the challenge and loving it, my legs are a little on the wobbly side and I’m not sure if I’ll be able to walk around work after day three but it’s all for a good cause! If you have the time and the inclination please pay a visit to my Facebook sponsor page.

post squat gym selfie

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Love Yourself

During the summer I was sent a days worth of Veto Diet meals from a company called Love Yourself. Now anything that promotes self love and wellness is right up my street. Though it’s not something I’ve always been good at it’s something that I ultimately desire to live by. Who in there right mind doesn’t?

Having struggled with weight issues, at times being overweight and struggling with over indulgence and other times being underweight and having to remind myself that eating is a necessity, the Veto Diet offered a vegetarian balanced option to healthy eating.

The promotion for the diet is great the photos are enticing and I was really looking forward trying it. Did it meet with my expectations? unfortunately not.

Picture from website

It’s not that the meals were completely tasteless in fact quite the opposite they tasted ok but for £130 for 5 days worth of meals ok just doesn’t cut it. The portion sizes were ok and I did feel adequately full after eating them but it honestly doesn’t take a lot to make me feel full.

Photo of meal received

So to sum it up, the meals are ok and if you have a spare £130 to spend on them the Veto diet is a great plant based protein alternative to kick start your weight loss journey.